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Indonesian Genuine snack Originated from West Java has a taste of authentic since the first time. Rengginang is one of the most familiar culinary among the people Indonesian. Savory flavor and size that tends jumbo to be characterisitic The typical food in the minds of society. Behind the euphoria of Rengginang as Friends eat by people of old, not to slap the possibility also that This hawker has lost its fans if it is paired with food From some neighboring countries, it can be seen by Know the level of this food in circulation. Proven with some A moment like Eid that still provides this snack to be enjoyed with family Beloved.

Hasamuddin Al Faris, one of the West Java residents who are currently focused in the business of Initiative to make a touch of innovation in the Hawker. It Started the business since 2017.

"This business is already running started In 2017, at that time I enjoyed attending seminars and community For my business to be able to thrive. However, the constraints I experienced were wrong One is on venture capital, I happen to get information from My friend that MES and Kemenpora have opened an opportunity for us A novice businessman to Berekesempatan grow a business. " Details

Faris reveals a flashback The success of this traditional food happened by accident and emerged from the hobby To bring the hand before homecoming in the village.

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"The beginning of this thought is When I came home and that time I wanted to bring my souvenirs Family in the village. One when I buy souvenirs and find products Rengginang in a large size. At that time there was only chocolate flavor and I fit the taste. From here I am thinking of developing a product Rengginang that is identical with ancient food to food consumption The Kekikinian. "He added

Further, the man who Came From West Java, claimed to be bored with a sense of rengginang that tends to be the same Since first. It conducts research with several flavors, so that the product Rengginang Bite by him received a positive response in the community.

"The usual rengginang from sticky rice, I happened to also come from the village of production Rengginang, I always The food was delivered with the taste. Because I feel bored I try the initiative to make changes in innovation in taste and love To their temen was a tremendous response, I finally made it with Variative taste and smaller size so it can be packaged Easily. " Clear Faris

Asked about special characters Products of this product compared to other, it gives emphasis on Flavor offered by Rengginang Bite. There are 2 (two) categories that can Enjoyed the spicy and sweet flavor. There are currently 6 (six) variants of Flavors offered. To be able to taste Rengginang traditional flavor This millennial can be purchased for 14,000 per pack.

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"What characterizes Other Rengginang are on the taste, because it offers many flavors that do not Just savory, but there are spicy flavors, satay, Rendang, chocolate. and most Is the difference in the sweetness of vanilla and green tea. For the Taste I divide into two variants that are sweet and spicy, if the best Seller's satay flavor and the sweet is vanilla. The price offered from Rengginang about 14,000 per pack. "he explained

Meanwhile, to provide Easy to access and accessible, Faris spits technology such as social media and marketplace. In addition it also has a Some resellers who currently always re-book in the amount of A lot. This product has been booked several times by several countries Neighbors in Asia.

"My founding system Online and offline just a lot more online. For my own online I was in Instagram @rengginangbite and in the marketplace, to reach out of town I use resellers and distributors. The distribution of online is already Many out of Java and several deliveries in Malaysia. The New resellers in Bekasi and Jakarta. I also utilize YouTube as Promotional media because the market segmentation target is millennial "he said

At the end of the interview, Feel very pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to join the program of MES and Kemenpora.

"Alhamdulillah I am very pleased to follow the program MES with Kemenpora, There I met a new friend, a new experience and of course a new science. And my message to friends who are starting a business is that we need Time and process, many have to be sacrificed and continue to learn. "he concluded

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