Bank Indonesia, UIN STS Jambi, MES and OJK cooperation to help communities

Jambi-Rector of UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifudin Jambi with the head of BI Jambi and OJK, attending the ceremony of the social program of Bank Indonesia in the framework of the handlers Covid-19, at the Jambi BI Hall, Friday (5/6/2020).

There are also three Vice-rector UIN STS Jambi, then representatives of the real working college UIN who is trusted as a distributor to the affected community and other beneficiaries ' families.

Head of BI Jambi, Bayu Muryanto explained that BI in May has also channeled a package of food aid. 

Among them are protection tools (APD) and gloves.

"Today Friday May 6, 2020, BI cooperated with STS. Jambi UIN, OJK, the Sharia Economic Community (MES) Jambi back to hand the packages of food aid, partly channeled the real work college students UIN STS Jambi for the community affected," he said. 

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In his speech, rector UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi who is also the chairman of the Sharia Economic Community Jambi Province, Prof. Dr. H. Suaidi. MA. Ph. D thanked the chief representative of BI Jambi, who had entrusted and collaborated with UIN STS Jambi and MES to distribute the aid package.

The rector of UIN also explained the progress of the change of campus face of UIN both campus in Telanaipura and Sungai Duren Muara Jambi.

On that occasion, the Rector also explained that UIN is developing the idea of the transctegration of science, whose origin is UIN will print undergraduate chemistry biology, physics or other scholars but memorize the Qur'an.

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Then on that occasion, the OJK encouraged the establishment of sharia credit banks in the district of the school in the Pesantren. Of the 19 banks of credit people in Jambiambi there is no BPRS. Mar


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