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Jakarta-In addition to a package of relaxation policies conducted by the Government to dampen the rate of weakening of the domestic economy, the preparedness in the preparedness of medical personnel also need to be improved to break the distribution chain Covid-19. In the Sharia Online Talk Episode 5 event on Monday (4/4), MES again presents an interesting theme about the world of Islamic health, namely “Sharia HOSPITAL preparedness in handling Covid-19”.

At the beginning of the discussion, the Central Board of MES, Masyhudi explained about the main principle that needs to be in the mind of each person is to have a good thought to the decree of God. “The principle related to this pandemic, without compromising our efforts in the prevention and control of covid infections, for those of us who must be right we are planted is a solemn sense to God. Excessive predictions will bring bad prejudice and ultimately have an impact on fear and excessive panic. “explained Masyhudi

According to him, it is also closely related to HR Bukhari and Muslim who says Anaa ‘ Inda Dzonni a servant who means indeed Allah is in accordance with the prejudice of my servant.

Furthermore, Masyhudi explained that the sharia HOSPITAL has a certification standard that has been established by the DSN-MUI with MUKISI. “Alhamdulillah in Indonesia there is already a certificate of Sharia hospitals, the purpose of certification is standardized how sharia services in hospitals in accordance with sharia rules. As for those who do some is a DSN to cooperate with the Association of Syuro Health efforts of Islam throughout Indonesia (MUKISI). ” He explained

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The man who also served as general chairman of MUKISI emphasized that the guidelines of the activity of Sharia RS is resting on the sharia Maqasid as included in handling Covid patients. “The Sharia HOSPITAL is all activity based on sharia Maqasid which is according to Imam Syatibi The purpose of the sharia is 5 things, that is to keep the religion, soul, reason, descent and property, so this is also the underlying when the Syariah HOSPITAL make a response to the covid.” he said

Masyhudi explains the fundamental differences of Sharia RS with RS in general, surely if the standard of professional medical technique is no different, the medicine is also the same and the Ordinance for the medical professional is also the same, which distinguishes is the sharia certification which consists of 13 standard and 173 grading elements. One of them is related to service, medicine, food, Krohanian guidance. ” Details.

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“Every patient who enters Syariah HOSPITAL will get more spiritual service than others. In the Sharia hospital, there is a Shariah obligatory quality of which is all patients when hospitalized then must be reminded of his time, as well as mentored if there is a distress in prayer, guaranteed to get guidance talkin’ before death and the care of the patient’s loins under any circumstances, it is a few elements that are in the certification standard. ” He added

At the end of the discussion, the President Director of RSI Sultan Agung expressed the preparedness of the sharia HOSPITAL in handling the patients Covid-19 case. “In our hospital, RSI Sultan Agung Semarang as the first sharia RS in Indonesia, since the beginning so the government mentioned the entry of Covid to Indonesia, all medical needs from APD (personal protective equipment), the preparation of the insulation room is also prepared more. Including human resources We also prepare such as doctors, nurses, and the laboratory analysts because it is for the handling of this Garry need to contribute whole professions that exist in the whole hospital and Alhamdulillah until now goes smoothly. “He concluded

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