MES and IDX start to administer the Sharia capital market education Program


Jakarta -Pandemic conditions are not a limitation of implementing the Capital market Education Program Sharia. At least it is the commitment of MES and IDX that have been Nine years of cooperation. Recently, Thursday (30/4) MES and IDX Implement the Sharia Invest Webinar Series (SIWS) program for the first edition of Provide education and literacy to prospective investors of Sharia capital market in Indonesian.

Nara Sources of the Indonesian stock exchange, Derry Yustria early discussion explained the Flash Start of the IDX cooperation with the MES which has begun since 2011. "That actually we and MES have worked together since the year 2011 Islamic Capital Market school and is usually Organized offline where we visit various cities around the Aims to increase the number of Sharia investors in order to Sharia investment in Indonesia's capital market is acceptable The whole community. " Details.

More Further, Derry stressed that the SIWS program was a new innovation that was carried Before the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia. "Before the Corona struck, we actually And MES have agreed to organize the educational activities of the capital market Sharia online, with the aim that the community has not had time to Or for example not having time to participate in this program can be Information about the Sharia capital market. " He added

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Learning By utilizing technology through this webinar, it is expected to encourage Participants can implement the materials obtained to start Invest. "I think learning through this gadget can be a step That is great for gaining knowledge online. After obtaining explanation From us is hoped for direct friends applicative and do not stop To learn. " He said

Senada With Derry, Specialist Investment Indopremier Sekuritas, Peni Matsum Also The main point of starting investing in the Sharia capital market is the Willingness to learn. "For first-time participants, don't be afraid to start learning In the capital market. Actually, the most important is the willingness to learn and Understand the instruments that then immediately practice investing in the market Sharia capital. "said Peni

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Although Quite briefly, but participants ' enthusiasm is very high, This is evident with the many questions conveyed to the final session Discussion. "Very extraordinary response, although only two hours but many Participants asked this to be an important point for us, that The seriousness of the sharia capital market or willingness to learn here High. " Iman.

Wrong One participant of SIWS, Muhammad Herdian expressed the reason for attending this event because Implemented online which makes it easier. "Incidentally every want Attending a Sharia capital market school event or a similar event I The same time constraints as lectures or work. "said Herdian

About Motivation to invest, Herdian said to help advance the The nation's economy. "Want to participate in advancing the Indonesian economy with In accordance with Shariah principles and in person to reduce the A consumptive lifestyle and smarter utilizing finances. "he said

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