MES Pekalongan Kembali Salurkan Bantuan

MES Pekalongan Kembali Salurkan Bantuan

Pekalongan-Saturday (18/04) PD MES Pekalongan again channeled some assistance to two hospitals in Pekalongan which are referral of Covid-19 case-patients, namely Kraton Hospital and Bendan HOSPITAL of Pekalongan.

General Secretary PD MES Pekalongan, Rinda Asytuti explained the purpose of the Covid-19 caring movement is the concern of MES of Pekalongan in humanitarian mission and proof of the usefulness of MES for the people around. “This movement is an initiative made by MES District as a form of Khoirunnas Anfa’uhum Linnas, in response to the conditions of society currently affected by the Covid-19.” She said.

Rinda also mentioned the reason his side provided the assistance of the APD to medical fighters. “Because many other communities have provided basic food packages and APD help is still uncommon for medical fighters.” She said

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About concerning the strategy of gathering funds, the future of MES Pekalongan plans to raise funds continuously to reach a wider range of affected communities and medical personnel. “Currently there are three stages, phases one and two of our concentration assistance in the form of APD, we plan to stage three later provide the assist of APD again and the basic food package. Regardless and whatever donation we compile we will transmit. ” She added.

From this movement, Rinda hopes to involve many external parties to synergize and distribute aid to the community with an appropriate target. “This pandemic is a common problem, it takes awareness to be mutually sustainable, contributing appropriately to the target.” She concluded

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PD MES Pekalongan has channeled a care aid Covid-19 twice the first phase of aid submission conducted on Saturday (11/4). The kind of help that is channeled is APD like Hazmat, goggle one med, gloves, hand sanitizer and mask.

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