Euphoria of Multifinance Syariah Roadshow in South Kalimantan

Thursday (5/3), MES in cooperation with Adira Finance Syariah held a Multifinance Syariah Roadshow at the Ballroom of Hotel Montana Syariah Banjar Baru. With the theme "Akad Surgery and Syariah Multifinance Financing practice", this activity was attended by 104 participants from various layers of society ranging from employees, entrepreneurs, academics, NGOS, practitioners and other general public.

Officially, the event was opened by Mulyadi as Director of Financial Services Agency OJK Regional IX Kalimantan. Attending also gave a welcome, Muhammad Hudaya as chairman of PW, MES South Kalimantan. As for the resource in this activity, Abidir Rahman from OJK Regional IX Kalimantan, PW MES South Kalimantan, Mairijani, Adira Finance Syariah and moderated by Muhammad Rifqi Hidayat Representative from PW MES South Kalim
antan. Noval as the committee of Roasdhow Multifinance Syariah hope this event will be done on an ongoing basis by presenting a resource from the national arena, he said the event is very educational to the public anxiety related to sharia finance.

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"Forward hopefully can bring a national level speakers. The event was very good, right with the anxiety of society because the inclusion of the sharia is still not large, participants are also very enthusiastic so that the roadshow time is still lacking. "He explained

Further, at the end of the event session the participants were very enthusiastic to ask about Islamic financial issues, no wonder if the time available for the question and answer is felt less.

"Because the discussion is limited in time so many participants still have not asked questions." He concluded

From left to right: Muhammad Rifqi Hidayat, Yusron, Mairijani, Abidir Rahman
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