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Jakarta – For nearly two decades, MES Has committed to being a contic association of current growth Sharia finance in Indonesia. It is aligned with the ideals of Government after the launch of Sharia master plan 2019-2024. As an effort to realize Indonesia as the World Sharia Economic center, it is certainly necessary Synergity among common stakeholders. For that, in reality MES and organisations such as Bukalapak and Link Aja Syariah have organized A webinar with the Syariah potential Marketplace theme in Indonesia.

Head of Syariah Group Widjayanto Djaenuddin reveals a common orientation in developing systems Indonesian Sharia economy along with MES.

"We see this MES largest organization In Indonesia that focuses on the development of sharia economies, there are With the Sharia Link Aja service we are developing therefore We are cooperating to equally encourage the Sharia economy forward. "

Further, Widjayanto also explained Background of the webinar program convening with MES and Bukalapak On Wednesday (13/5) with the theme of the potential Sharia marketplace in Indonesia.

"The theme is quite relevant to the present condition, Because in the period of pandemic Garry 19 people were hard to go out of the house and Transact Directly. We saw this marketplace way out for the community Can transact. The changing habits of the transaction side Can directly cause digital transactions to increase. "

Besides offering convenience of transaction Using digital technology, it emphasizes that the current conditions is a great time to give Ease and convenience of transacting by implementing Sharia service systems.

"Actually, Indonesia market is quite ready, The total spending by the Muslim community is strong, then the Islamic Ummah Its population is large and Indonesia is a generous country in the world. As for From the Technology literacy The proprietary side of mobile phone and internet user is quite high. So if speaking Readiness of the marketplace is Target segments are suitable. "

According to Widjayanto, shifting traditions This offline shopping becomes the focus of Syariah Link Aja in providing comfort To the community through Sharia e-wallet services.

"Hopefully friends who already have Sharia conies who want to transact comfortably and that blessing has an alternative Solutions with financial services and Sharia e-commerce. We commit Financial services due to total Muslim expenditure in the Indonesia reaches 244 billion US dollars and then we have not found any money Other than a link AJA which already has a certification of money Electronic Sharia by the DSN-MUI. It is also encouraged by the expectation The Indonesian government is written in the Islamic economic masterplan.

Meanwhile, the uphold and equation Frequency also became the meeting point of the CEO Rachmat Kaimuddin collaborate With MES and Link Aja Syariah.

"We know that MES as an organization Become a driver of sharia economics, incidentally we marketplace from Indonesia Original. So, as an Indonesian company is certainly the majority of our customers Muslim. In addition we intend to Silaturrahmi, we see this as two Parties that can synergize and have the same intentions that have a purpose of contact. So do a collaboration with MES and Link Aja Syariah to lift the theme Potential of Sharia marketplace in Indonesia.

Rachmat added, this program Provide new insight to the community in knowing the performance of Bukalapak which has implemented the rules of sale and purchase according to the sharia system.

We want to tell Bukalapak performance As previously taught by the Prophet in conducting Trade.  If we call The marketplace is a place to transact between the two parties With the contract. Actually, how to trade Islamic values and how How we try to implement it, because we want users to This Muslim majority feel convenience in transactions.

The purpose of this webinar is momentum Reflection builds a trading ecosystem with a digital literacy and principle Shariah guidelines.

"That trade transactions are Sharia can be done online, more understand with halal Like it of course we hope Millennials get the science to be Sharia and ethical marketplace trading. Because with ethics and Business regulations, the trust arises so that the transaction will be More smoothly and efficiently.

Rachmat said the marketplace is Will cultivate continuous innovation to create an ecosystem of Sharia marketplace, especially in the global arena.

"The Bukalapak Future develops is Prohibited by our government goods are always monitors and we also Try to develop a feature for how to more clearly label the Items not allowed by the no-contradicting provisions With Islamic teachings. "

Even the seriousness of Bukalapak in Develop Sharia economic potential not only on the difference of halal goods and unlawful, it is further disclosed by Rachmat.

"We are also inviting the Islamic organization Which also has a lapak that we know for sure the provisions of the goods is kosher. So hope we can help the Islamic community more comfortable to shop And we are discussions related to sharia financing, how the Bank Sharia can help our people to give capital to our business. "

The challenges are complex To be perfected from upstream to downstream is the literation to the community About the attitude or ethics of starting a business online.

Now many people need shopping Directly shifted to choose online purchases, it becomes a Potential for which we now want to invite people to trade online, Of course the challenge in general is that we do more education Related transactions securely in the marketplace and is not afraid Gharar. That transaction online can also be in accordance with sharia contract.

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